Shopping Robot That Make Real Time Color Tracking Using Image Processing Techniques

Muhammet Fatih ASLAN, Akif DURDU, Kadir SABANCI
  • Kadir SABANCI
    Karamanohlu Mehmetbey University, Engineering Faculty, Turkey


Robots are human-designed, autonomous electro-mechanical devices to perform tasks assigned to them. It is considered that robots will work more efficiently, better quality and more economical than humans. For this reason, the use of robots in different areas is increasing day by day. This work can contribute to Industry 4.0, which is called the revolution of the future. In this study, we developed a service robot for shopping. Thanks to the designed market robot, market owners will be able to offer easier, more enjoyable and faster service to all customers, especially disabled people and elderly people who are shopping. In this work, the images recorded by the high resolution camera are processed in real time and the target tracking is performed. The study consists of two phases; software and hardware. During the hardware phase, the design and implementation of the used robot is done. In practice, omni wheels are used to increase the flexibility of motion of the robot. In the software phase, the image processing software and the designed algorithm are introduced. During the image processing phase, the C ++ software language is used with the OpenCV library. With the designed algorithm, software and hardware, real-time target tracking has been successfully implemented. The tracking of the customer in the markets can be carried out by different methods such as radio frequency (RF), wireless communication. However, this study is important in terms of the first study for a robot of this kind. In this way, new ideas will be revealed.


C++, Embedded systems, Image processing, Industry 4.0, Omni Wheel, OpenCV, Real Time Target Tracking, Shopping Robot

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Submitted: 2017-09-13 14:36:43
Published: 2017-10-01 22:59:29
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