Sinc Methods and Chebyshev Cardinal Functions for Solving Singular Boundary Value Problems

Hossein Pourbashash, H. Kheiri, A. Jodeyri A. Jodeyri Akbarfam, S. S. Irandoust-pakchin


In this paper we consider boundary value problems with singularity in equation or solution. To solve these problems, we apply single exponential and double exponential transformations of sinc-Galerkin and Chebyshev cardinal functions. Numerical examples highlight efficiency of Chebyshev cardinal functions and sinc-Galerkin method in problems with singularity in equations. It is illustrated that in problems with singular solutions, Chebyshev cardinal functions is not applicable. However, sinc-Galerkin method overcomes to this difficultly.


Sinc method; Singular points; Double and single exponential transformation; Chebyshev cardinal functions

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